Power Optimized Progressive Lens

Dynamic Summit

A feeling of independence all day long.

Comprehensive solution for fast-paced environment.

With today’s face pace of life, people are constantly on the more to do more. Dynamic Summit is a comprehensive solution that allows your patients enjoy efficient quick focusing and good vision.

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Meeting your patients’ needs

Your customers might feel limited if they are not able to read a price tag at the supermarket, respond to work requirements efficiently or simply enjoy a book or TV programme. Hoyalux Daynamic is the affordable entry level into the benefits of modern progressive lenses. It provides superior vision at all distances as well as more freedom in frame selection without compromising on vision experience.

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View Xpansion Technology

View Xpansion Technology is essential for vision improvement. By applying principles of Listing’s Law, HOYA can ensure lens working seamlessly together with the eyes. Combined with all-new lens design, Hoyalux Daynamic provides significantly better visual experience compared to TrueForm lenses and basic backside designs.


This ensures that your patient do not experience reduction in sharpness of vision based on frame shape or size, allows more freedom in frame selection.

Hoyalux Dynamic technologies

Advanced technologies for more wearers.

View Xpansion Technology

Large, clear vision fields at all distances.

Freeform lens calculation & surfacing

Optimal visual performance for your patient’s exact prescription.

Multiple corridor lengths

Improved visual performance, smooth switching between vision fields.

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Hoyalux Daynamic lenses offer you, the Eye Care Professional:

  • Fast and easy ordering – no individual parameters are needed.
  • Advanced technologies to wider patient group
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