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Customised for Optimised Vision

Just like fingerprints, everyone’s eyes are different and consequently have different needs.

What we typically do each day, and therefore how we use our eyes, determines our ideal progressive lens design. Taking this into account, Hoya developed MyStyle Profile, which comprises 5 pre-defined designs.

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Meeting your patient's need

Hoyalux MyStyle Profile designs are derived from the most common wearers’ profiles, based on their daily activities and differentvisual requirements. Regardless of what your patient does and whether they are a first-time or experienced progressive wearer, Hoya’s MyStyle Profile offers the optimised vision you need.


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5 Hoyalux MyStyle Profile Designs


Designed for heavy computer users, people who work in an office environment or play indoor sport.


Perfect for outdoor workers or sports people, anyone who walks or drives a lot, or spends much of their day outdoors looking into the distance.


Created for people who require good vision at all distances.


Tailored for people who spend a lot of time indoors and focus on close and nearby distances. ideal for reading, viewing your mobile and TV, computer work, hobbies, fine work and many indoor professions.


Designed for experienced progressive len wearers who often view objects from a distance or up close. 


Balancing differences for better focus

Hoyalux MyStyle Profile elevates binocular performance with HOYA’s Binocular Harmonization Technology and 3D Binocular Vision.                                     

73% of presbyopes have a different prescription for their right and left eyes.1 Binocular Harmonization Technology balances the additional power difference between them. The innovative 3D Binocular Vision controls the unwanted prismatic effect at the periphery of the lens. This significantly reduces distortion and swaying effects along all dimensions whilst being easy to adapt to and giving more accurate vision corrections.

Ensuring the best performance for what your patients want most

Integrated Double Surface Design

Advanced technique that results in major reduction in distortion and the feeling of swim and sway.


Natural head posture with less eye rotation for near work.

Binocular Harmonization Technology

Perfect & effortless focusing, constant stability and excellent depth of vision

Inset optimisation

Improved and wider intermediate and near vision fields.

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Hoyalux MyStyle Profile lenses offers you, the Eye Care Professional

  • Clear, lifestyle-based selection criteria for quicker and simpler lens recommendation.
  • Premium lens technologies, ensuring easier adaption and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Design options to appeal to a wide target audience.
  • Easy-to-explain features for an effective and quick sell.
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(1) Hoya data: European progressive lens orders 2007-2013

(2) Millward Brown “User experiences with multifocal lenses, quantitative research in seven European countries” n = 1415, May 2013