How to use quality as a marketing tool for your eye care practice

Naturally, you know all the rules and laws you must comply with to run your practice. At the end of the day it boils down to patient and customer safety. You spend a lot of time with this so why not use it in your marketing? Here are a few tips for you.

Let’s remind ourselves of the areas that can be included in the quality assurance.


  • Customer interaction
    This is about customer approval and doing the right thing, in right time, with properly trained staff.


  • Hygiene
    Hands, instruments, test equipment must be clean. Remember to document when something is cleaned or opened.


  • Competence
    You and your staff must have relevant degrees and training. There should also be plans on how to maintain and develop competence.


  • Collaboration and cooperation
    There must be documented routines if you collaborate with other clinics or practices. Prescriptions must contain certain information, etc.


  • Deviations
    This is about deviations from the rules and quality standards. Everything must be documented to maintain customer and patient safety. Some deviation must be reported to authorities.


  • Documentation
    Obviously, you must document the results of your customer interaction, especially medical certificates, prescriptions, history, etc. and it must be traceable.

As a professional, you work with the areas above every day. Sometimes it is so obvious so you don’t even notice it. It is a part of daily routines for you. But, keep in mind that what is a routine for you, is not a routine for your patient or customer. Making them aware of all the steps you take to secure their safety will build trust in you.

Here are a few actions to take to make your customer aware:


  • Educate the customer.
    Tell them what you are going to do and why. Show them the results and the documentation. Explain how it will be used now and later. This is good customer interaction.


  • Show the customer that everything is kept nice and tidy.


  • Display your certificates and degrees.


  • Have portraits of you and your staff on the wall with titles and degrees.


  • Show the customer what you have documented and what records you keep.

If you do this every time you interact with a customer it will soon become a habit. You will find that the customer trust in you will increase and so will the loyalty. At the end of the day it will pay off.

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