Yuniku announces collaboration with JAM'VISION

The sound of tailored style

Launching from December, this innovation collection adds new exciting eye shapes and styles to the Yuniku platform – offering every wearer a striking style to choose from.


Created in collaboration with JAM’VISION, this brand specialises in sustainable and innovative eyewear. Moving away from mass-produced options, they focus on creating unique styles that balance personality and progression, while only working with brands that share their eco-conscious, creative vision.


Our vision. Their vision.

Sebastian Brusset, JAM’VISION Founder and Silmo d’Or innovation winner, said:


After having launched a capsule collection with the famous painter Hom Nguyen, and a collection for McLaren, JAM’ VISION is really proud to collaborate with Yuniku to achieve the ultimate tailor-made product. It’s what JAM’VISION has dreamed of since its genesis.


With a minimalist approach to design, JAM’VISION took inspiration from the classic principle of ‘form follows function’, using preconceptions of shape and sustainability to their advantage for a unique, tailored collection filled with character.

Combining 3D-printed frames with high-end metal parts enhanced with a uniquely refined coating, each bold shape offers a premium choice built on sustainable style.

Boasting a super-lightweight structure crafted with advanced technical precision to optimize each area of the design with unique personality, each model also uses a cylindrical magnetic hinge guaranteed to last over 100,000 folds – delivering durable performance that reduces waste and pushes the boundaries of material resistance.


Cutting-edge comfort. Sustainable design.

Created by Yuniku 3D manufacturing for ultimate optical vision and comfort, this collaboration delivers conscious craftsmanship – launching with a number of striking eyewear shapes available in Raspberry, Storm Blue, Black and Deep Caribbean colourways.

About Yuniku

The name Yuniku is a phonetic pronunciation in Japanese of the word ‘unique’, honouring Hoya’s heritage as a company originally founded in Japan. With Yuniku, everything is made to measure, so the only material used is the material needed for each frame. Yuniku is the first 3D tailored eyewear customized around the wearer’s facial features, offering ultimate vision and comfort.

The optician begins by detecting the wearer’s facial features, using the 3D scanner technology. The advanced software calculates the ideal position of the lenses in relation to the wearer’s eyes, and the 3D printing further allows the frames to be tailored to the visual, comfort, and ascetic needs of each individual. Yuniku strongly believes that every face is unique, with its own shape, features and emotions.


JAM’VISION is the personal project of JAW Studio – a renowned design studio specialising in innovative eyewear with two key attributes in its DNA: sustainability and collaboration. Creating unique frames as a result of the co-creation process, they create striking options that cater to every personal taste, while using minimal materials to build tailor-made on-demand products in an eco-friendly way.

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