Hi-Vision LongLife

Hoya’s most durable anti-reflective coating

Hi-Vison LongLife is Hoya's most durable anti-reflective coating available. It guarantees exceptionally clear, relaxed vision while prolonging the life and look of the lenses.

The condition and performance of your lenses greatly depend on the quality of the coating. This is the hardest, most durable anti-reflective coating available from Hoya today. Its scratch-resistant, water, dirt and dust-repellent properties remain almost intact, even after intensive cleaning.

The patient will benefit from

Longer lifespan of the lenses

Clearer, more relaxed vision thanks to glare reduction

Protection from accidental scratches

Easy cleaning due to water, grease, dirt and dust-repellent layers

The coatings are irresistible!

Ian Jones, First Light Optical

Creating the perfect patient experience

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