Protecting the eyes against the dangers of UV.

Hi-Vision LongLife UV Control

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Lessening ageing eyes and eye disorders.

We are all aware of the risk of UV damage to our skin, but what about our eye?

Although we need UV for the synthesis of vitamin D, overexposure can be harmful to our eyes. Hi-Vision LongLife UV Control offers 100% protection against the harmful effects of UV and UV related eye diseases.

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Meeting your patients’ needs

Hi-Vision LongLife UV Control has been designed for all patients who want to protect their eyes. Blocking harmful UV being transmitted to the eyes of people of all ages.

Your patient's benefits:

  • Prevents UV ageing the eyes
  • Prevents UV damaging the eyes
  • Protects against UV related eye disorders and diseases
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A perfect match for a higher profit

Recent independent lab test(1) confirms that Hoya Hi-Vision LongLife coating excels in all the categories consumers care most about:


  • Provides up to 30% more scratch resistance than various key competitor products.(2)

  • The most consistent in maintaining its anti-reflective lens coating properties.(2)

  • Up to 75% easier to clean than various key competitor products.(3)


Hi-Vision LongLife UV Control technologies

UV Control is in combination with Hi-Vision LongLife, the hardest anti-reflection coating available on the market today with the following unique characteristics


This lens coating reduces reflections for exceptional clarity of vision and an elegant look.2

Extremely scratch resistant

The surface lens protection extends the lifetime of the lenses.4

Dirt repellent

Due to its easy to clean properties, grease or dirt are easily wiped off the lens. Even after long term use and repeated cleaning.


Preventing dust from adhering to the lens surface, providing clear vision in all circumstances. 

Water repellent

Ensures water droplets have minimal grip on the lens surface. Allowing optimal vision in rain or condensation.

UV Control

Preventing UV from damaging eyes from the back-surface of the lens.

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Hi-Vision LongLife UV Control coating offers you, the Eye Care Professional:

  • Together with the UV resistant lens material that absorbs UV entering from the front of the lens, UV Control offers 100% protection against harmful UV.
  • Together with Hi-Vision LongLife you offer your patients a problem-free anti-reflection coating.
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(1) Test performed by an independent 3rd party laboratory. Data on file HOYA Vision Care 2019.

(2) Results based on a limited testing context of index 1.60 compared to various key competitor products.

(3) Results based on a limited testing context of average result of indices 1.60 and 1.67 compared to various key competitor products.