WorkStyle V+

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Premium tailored indoor lens solution

This exclusive indoor lens solution is tailored to individual working and wearing conditions. Three design variations serve specific visual distances depending on the wearer’s needs, while patented technology offers unrivalled binocular performance.

WorkStyle V+  offers perfectly clear and detailed vision for specific tasks, specialist hobbies or professions. Individual wearing parameters are taken into account, ensuring optimal vision based on the wearing position of the frame.

Choose from three design variations for maximum personalisation and the widest field of vision possible depending on workspace distance.


Perfect for specialist hobbies and professions that require high levels of precision and benefit from the widest possible field of vision at near and intermediate distances of up to 1 metre.


The best choice for screen work and professions that require smooth, sharp depth and width vision from near distances up to 2 metres.


Especially suitable for activities where the focus is a little further away than a computer screen. Provides crystal-clear vision up close and sharp distance vision as far as the eye can see.

The patient will benefit from

Excellent depth and width perception at near and intermediate distances. Ideal when using digital devices

Smooth, comfortable transitions between the various distance areas

The highest level of accuracy

Effortless focusing and excellent depth of vision

A solution perfectly suited to an office environment and precision activities

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