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Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 3

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See better, work better

More than ever, patients are using their eyes at close to intermediate distances.* Without the correct lenses, this can cause digital eye strain symptoms, such as neck pain, headaches or blurred vision.* Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 3 is the most premium choice from HOYA’s occupational lenses which are specifically designed to provide better focus and a wider field of vision for near to intermediate range distances.


Meeting your patients’ needs

The premium choice for professionals and other patients wearing progressive lenses who constantly switch from one device to another, across a range of distances. You can select the best option for your patients from three available design variations for easier adaptation and improved visual comfort.


A complete vision solution for progressive lens wearers

HOYA occupational lenses are truly designed for activities indoors, with a wider field of vision and shorter viewing distances. Together with progressive lenses, HOYA occupational lenses can provide your patients with a complete solution for their vision needs.

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 3 technologies

Optimised visual performance

AdaptEase Technology

Easy adaptation, unprecedented wide visual fields, optimized intermediate field for the pleasant use of digital devices.

Binocular Harmonization Technology

Perfect & effortless focusing, constant stability and excellent depth of vision

3D Binocular Vision

Reduced distortion and swaying along all dimensions, with instant crisp clear vision.

Position of wear customisation

takes into account individual wearing parameters for a more accurate correction
leading to enhanced visual acuity.

Integrated Double Surface Design

Advanced technique that results in major reduction in distortion and the feeling of swim and sway.

View Xpansion Technology

Large, clear vision fields at all distances.

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Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 3 can offer you:

  • More satisfied patients thanks to the provision of a total visual solution specifically designed for a wide range of patient activities
  • A premium tailored solution for the most demanding visual needs
  • A lens that answers the demands of today and can help to reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain and improve visual comfort of your patients
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