A wider view for a wider audience

Hoya Daynamic is a progressive lens with a full back-surface progressive design that ensures wider fields of vision. It provides clear view at all viewing distances making it the ideal upgrade from front surface and conventional progressive lenses.

A step up from standard progressives

Daynamic is the affordable entry level into the benefits of modern progressive lenses. It provides superior vision at all distances as well as more freedom in frame selection without compromising on vision experience.
As a result, your patients get much more vision comfort than reading glasses or standard progressive lenses; and with far less switching from one ineffective solution to another. 

Backside Design and View Xpansion Technologies

Positioning the aberration control on the back surface provides a more suitable position in relation to the eye, resulting in an extra wide field of view especially in the intermediate and near vision area. As a consequence, the head movements required are reduced and a more natural feeling is achieved.

With its View Xpansion Technology, Daynamic maximises the visual field to the periphery of the lenses for large clear viewing areas. By decreasing the blur, it offers clear vision, especially for digital devices held at any viewing direction.

The result is a wider view area and less distortion, which provides superior
vision at all distances as well as more freedom in frame selection without
compromising on visual experience.


For the eye care professional

  • Advanced technologies available to wider client base
  • Improved performance over conventional progressive lenses
  • Simple fitting procedure
  • Fast and easy ordering – no individual parameters are needed

For the wearer

  • Sharp vision in all distances
  • Large and clear viewing areas
  • Good performance-to-price ratio

Creating the perfect patient experience

Hoya Vision tools make your work comfortable and effective, and provide an outstanding patient experience

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