Customised Progressive

Male wearing eye glasses with Hoya Vision lenses holding a rubik's cube

Gives you the most accurate vision and wider visual fields

Tailored to your personal lifestyle, these customised progressive lenses offer highly accurate vision correction and significantly wider visual fields than conventional progressive lenses. 

Do you experience problems when changing your focus from near to far? Do you want to avoid the unpleasant swim and sway associated with off-the-shelf progressives (also called varifocals)? Our Customised Progressive lenses provide clear, relaxed vision for all distances, as well as a natural progression between near, intermediate and far. What’s more, this lens considers the way you wear your frame, ensuring you have the right correction exactly where you need it. 

You will benefit from

Highly accurate correction for a crisper image

Perfect and effortless focusing

Wider near and intermediate vision fields, ideally suited for reading or using mobile devices

Natural, stable vision when moving around

Two design variations to suit your individual needs