Advanced technology for comfortable vision

Hoyalux Balansis

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Relaxed vision everywhere you go

Hoyalux Balansis is the result of advanced technologies focused on a single benefit: bringing back that comfortable feeling for even more of your patients. The lenses provide great visual comfort, allowing your patients to perform at their best during all everyday activities, at every viewing distance. The patient will benefit from a natural transition to near-vision areas, for an instant focus on the many digital devices they may use during our day-to-day activities.

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Meeting your patients’ needs

Patients have a high expectation of clear visionwith their new glasses and on top of everyone’s wish list are easy adaptation and stable vision(1). Hoyalux Balansis is HOYA’s response to these expectations.

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Addressing the swim and sway effect.

Stable View Enhancer, our digital evaluation method, corrects for dynamic distortion. No matter how active the patient’s lifestyle, the image remains stable. So with Hoyalux Balansis you can provide patients a clear viewing area and stable vision when moving around or walking up and down stairs. 

Hoyalux Balansis technologies

Advanced technologies for more wearers.

View Xpansion Technology

Large, clear vision fields at all distances.

Multiple corridor lengths

Improved visual performance, smooth switching between vision fields.

Freeform lens calculation & surfacing

Optimal visual performance for your patient’s exact prescription.

Swim and sway reduction

Feeling more secure when moving around.

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Balansis lenses offers you, the Eye Care Professional:

  • Higher levels of visual comfort for a wider audience
  • Improved vision during modern daily activities, e.g. using mobile devices
  • Easy fitting procedure, no individual parameters needed
  • Fast and easy ordering
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Request more information about our products

At HOYA, we are ready to answer any questions you might have, explore our potential partnership and hear the ideas you want to share with us. Get in touch with us by completing the form linked below.

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"Recommendation is one thing, experience is another. I can recommend HOYA Vision in good conscience because I know that my colleague is going to have a fantastic experience."

Male Hoya Vision optician in an opticians practice
Image of optician holding a trial frame

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(1)   ‘Filling in the Gaps in the Customer Journey’, Firefly qualitative research in four European countries, April 2016 and Millward Brown ‘User experiences with multifocal lenses, quantitative research in seven European countries. May 2013.