The feeling of independence all day long

Hoya Daynamic is a modern progressive lens that offers much more vision comfort than reading glasses or standard progressive lenses. With this lens you will experience clear focus at all viewing distances – and the pleasant feeling of independence all day long.

Stepping up from standard progressives

Daynamic is the affordable entry level into the benefits of modern progressive lenses. It maximises the clear fields from all viewing distances, allowing you to feel independent in all daily activities. In addition to this, you are free to select the frames you want, without compromising on your vision!

Backside Design and View Xpansion Technologies

Compared to standard progressive lenses, Hoya Daynamic does not limit your vision. Thanks to special Backside Design Technology, the head movements required are reduced and a more natural feeling is achieved.

With its View Xpansion Technology, Daynamic maximises the visual field to the periphery of the lenses for large clear viewing areas. By decreasing the blur, it offers clear vision, especially when using digital devices held at any viewing direction.


Your benefits

  • Sharp vision in all distances
  • Large and clear viewing areas
  • Good performance-to-price-ratio