Premium Progressive

Female in blue top wearing eyeglasses

Your comprehensive solution for a fast-paced environment

Hoya Vision's Premium Progressive lens makes advanced technologiues available for more wearers. Incorporating three proven technologies, Premium Progressive lens provides great visual comfort to carry out all modern everyday activities at every viewing distance.

Thanks to Hoya Vision’s Double Surface Technology you will benefit from a natural transition to near vision areas for an instant focus on digital devices. View Xpansion Technology provides a large clear viewing area and Stable View Enhancer provides you with stable vision when moving around or walking up and down stairs. It is suitable for a modern lifestyle, when you're always on the move in a fast-paced environment.

You will benefit from

A wider field of vision and lower image distortion compared to conventional and front surface progressive lenses

Reduction in the unpleasant swim and sway effect associated with progressive lenses

Natural head posture

Quick focusing from far to near and vice versa