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Sensity Range

Find out which Sensity lenses are right for you

No matter where your life takes you, with Sensity light adaptive lenses you are ready to enjoy it in any light anywhere! Our unique Sensity lenses are available in a range of different colours, and quickly darken outdoors and return to clear indoors.


Enjoy the convenience of light adaptive lenses

Best overall performance


Sensity has outstanding comfort and performance. Sensity lenses darken outdoors and quickly fade back to exceptionally clear when indoors, providing comfortable vision in all climates and seasons.

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Sensity Fast

Enjoy the fade back speed of light-adaptive lenses

Best fadeback indoors

Sensity Fast

Sensity Fast is ideal for you if you spend a lot of time moving between indoors and outdoors and fast light adaption time is important to you. Sensity Fast lenses fade back quickly, so you can see clearly and keep active.

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Sensity Shine

Enjoy the style of light adaptive lenses

Stylish outdoor lens

Sensity Shine

Sensity Shine has the same performace as Sensity Dark with an additional Light Mirror coating so they look more like sunglasses when dark. Fades back to a subtle sheen when indoors.

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Sensity Dark

Enjoy the comfort of light adaptive lenses

Best outdoor performance

Sensity Dark

Sensity Dark lenses are ideal for you if you want lenses that get extra dark when outside. Perfect if you like spending a lot of time outdoors. It even works when you're driving!

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