Improving visual acuity and performance

Nulux TrueForm

HOYA’s single vision aspheric solution.

Nulux TrueForm lenses are designed to provide crisper, clearer viewing zones when compared with standard single vision lenses.

The flatter curves used as a template to create this lens design result in a thinner and flatter lens, improving aesthetic appeal.

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Meeting your patient's needs.

HOYA’s single vision aspheric solution.

Nulux TrueForm offers flatter curvatures for a more aesthetic appearance. It is specially recommended for patients with higher power corrections. With clearer vision at the periphery, there is greater visual comfort across the lens to the lens edge.

No matter what your patient’s prescription, they are always ensured of an optimal visual performance for their personal situation.

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Nulux TrueForm

Nulux iDentity V+

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HOYA TrueForm Technology

TrueForm Technology uses 3-dimensional coordinates to optimise the prescription values on the back of the lens. During the manufacturing process the calculation software provides many thousands of data points to produce the back surface accurately. As every pixel on the lens surface now has its own calculation value, each individual prescription can be uniquely cut into the lens surface.

Nulux TrueForm technology

HOYA advanced technologies designed for your patient’s needs.

Clarity Enhancer

Widens the clear visual field in all directions which improves clarity with finer surfacing and gives higher optical accuracy.

Field Amplifier

Reduces image deformation for mid to high astigmatism prescriptions.

Actual View

Reduced magnification and minifying effect for mid to high prescriptions.

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Nulux TrueForm lenses offers you, the Eye Care Professional:

  • Possibility to offer the latest technology 
  • Security of proven, quality designs
  • High adaptation and satisfaction ratio
  • Easy to order; no extra parameters required
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