The driving lens that takes you places.


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See better, go further.

Visual support enroute.

For patients who spend prolonged periods behind the wheel, EnRoute single vision and progressive lenses for driving can offer the visual support they need.

EnRoute progressive lenses incorporate our renowned technologies: Integrated Double Surface Design for wider visual fields and fast switching between distances and with Balanced View Control that gives stable image perception in dynamic driving situations.

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Meeting your patients’ needs.

HOYA consultation data shows the driving is one of the most important activities in our daily lives(1). 90% of a driver’s reaction time depends on vision. Impaired vision means a slower reaction time, creating a dangerous situation in the blink of an eye without the correct eyewear (2) (3).

Help your patients achieve visual comfort, with clear, relaxed vision in all directions, at all distances. Thanks to the enhanced contrast, you improve clarity and colour perception, which provides confidence while driving at night. 

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EnRoute Pro

For the real road professionals

For professional drivers, HOYA has developed EnRoute Pro. It offers all the benefits of EnRoute and adds:

  • A contrast-enhancing filter for improved contrast and colour perception, and even better glare reduction
  • A lens design that is further optimised for the viewing distance to the dashboard and mirrors, and includes optional tailoring to the individual wearing conditions, for a natural, relaxed driving posture4



EnRoute Pro

A high performing driving solution

Combining the properties of a high definition treatment and an anti-reflective coating, Glare Filter noticeably reduces glare by cutting high-energy visible light from LED and Xenon headlights of oncoming traffic, streetlights and on-board equipment. It also significantly minimises distracting reflections while improving contrast and brightness perception in low-light conditions.

EnRoute technologies

Proven HOYA advanced technologies designed for your patient’s needs.

Glare Filter

Significant reduction of reflections and uncomfortable glare from oncoming traffic.

Improved vision in the far distance

Clear, unimpaired vision in the far distance, beyond the dashboard and mirrors.

EnRoute dedicated progressive lens

Featuring Integrated Double Surface Technology and Balanced View Control for stable image perception.

Contrast-enhancing filter *

Improves contrast and colour perception and offers next level glare reduction. *Available on EnRoute Pro only.

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EnRoute lenses offer you, the Eye Care Professional:

  • A dedicated solution to cater to the specific needs of your patients
  • High performing driving solution available in single vision and progressive designs.
  • Greater visual comfort for your patients.
  • A lens giving clear, relaxed vision in all directions and at all distances.


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Request more information about our products

At HOYA, we are ready to answer any questions you might have, explore our potential partnership and hear the ideas you want to share with us. Get in touch with us by completing the form linked below.

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"I have a tonic pupil in my left eye and found driving at night particularly difficult. Oncoming headlights were a real issue for me and I used to physically close my left eye when cars were coming towards me.

Now all that has changed! When I first put your glasses on my initial reaction was great. The fit of the lens was spot on and I needed no adjustment to the frame. The vision was excellent. My first night drive was a revelation. I was surprised that the vehicle lights coming towards me were still very bright, but I had no need to squint or close my eye. They are brilliant!

This has solved a very big issue for me and I am delighted with them. I will definitely recommend them to any of our patients who have similar problems."

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(1) HOYA data collected over three years with HOYA iDentifier.

(2) National Safety Council. Driving safely at night. (accessed January 2017).

(3) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Night-time glare and driving performance, February 2007.

(4) EnRoute Progressive Pro only