How opticians can offer a perfect fit with 3D

Have you ever come across that perfectly impossible face? There is no way you can find frames that go along with the prescribed lens. Your customer has started to realize that all the fashionable brands are out of the question. You and your customer are in a survival mode. Just find something that fits no matter how it looks. In a case like this there might be a solution for you, and more importantly, for your customer.


The solution is 3D-printed lenses and frames. The number of combinations between lenses and face shapes are enormous. The most common face shapes are:


  • Round
  • Square
  • Oblong
  • Diamond
  • Triangular
  • Oval


There are many ways to determine the face shape and with experience you probably do this instantly. Once face shape is established you should find a proper combination of lens and frame taking the customers’ preferences into account. This is where the problem usually starts. The parameters taken together might result in an impossible combination.





3D tailored eye ware eliminates the frame parameter as a limiting factor. After a proper eye exam, you will scan your customer facial features. Based on the scanner data, an automatic sizing is made. This leads to the best frame fit for comfort but also the best style for the face. A virtual image shows exactly how the new eyewear will look. The customer can select from a range of frame designs. Color, shape, and finish are selected and the result adjusted in the system.


Printing the images will allow the customer to show them to family and friends and ask for advice. This can reduce the need for lending frames for tests. The benefits summarized:


  • Vision-centric and made-to-order eye ware
  • Perfect frame fit based on individual facial features
  • Frame designs, colors and finishes to suit customer lifestyle and look
  • Selection of frames is made easy due to advanced software.


There are solutions available on the market today. In all, this could well be the future for opticians. It is true business development for you. And, why not make eye ware unique and individual for each and every customer?

Read more here about the Yuniku brand or watch video below:


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