New frame collections for Yuniku, 3D tailored eyewear

Launched to wide acclaim at Silmo 2016, the Hoya 3D tailored eyewear Yuniku, represents a breakthrough in the optical industry because it transforms the way lenses are prescribed. Traditionally, the selected frame and its position of wear were a given. The lens design could only be optimized and customized within the limitations these posed, with potentially adverse effects on vision – a frame-centric approach.



Yuniku, by contrast, uses a vision-centric approach. It takes into account the customer’s facial features and visual requirements, and calculates and determines the ideal position of wear for optimal visual performance. The selected frame is then 3D printed based on these unique parameters. This approach enables eyewear that is perfectly tailored to the visual and aesthetic needs of the customer, without compromising on style or fit.



The first collection of Yuniku frames features 12 timeless designs in different colors, textures and finishes, complemented by a premium single vision, progressive or indoor lens option. The materials used are bio-compatible, light, impact-resistant and of the highest quality. As Yuniku is an open platform, allowing other designer brands to join, two new frame collections have recently been added: CABRIO by Hoet and WE DDD by Aoyama Optical France.





The CABRIO collection by Hoet

The CABRIO collection by Hoet is extraordinary. Sleek yet expressive, it embraces all the possibilities of the latest materials and techniques. The result is almost unlimited design freedom and a collection that is unique in its category. 




The WE DDD collection by Aoyama Optical France

WE DDD was the first 3D-printed frame collection on the French market. Young and contemporary, it features vibrant colors and stylish design. The frames are made from polyamide 12, which is known for its comfort, aesthetic appeal and excellent durability.


With these latest additions to the Yuniku frame collection, wearers have even more opportunities to create designer eyewear as unique as they are.

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