An optician’s checklist for choosing suppliers

Your success is depending on how successful your optical suppliers are in supporting you. And, this is not only about product deliveries and tools, but rather about understanding the complete package of support that you need from your optical suppliers.

Your customers have a lot of requirements on you and your practice. A few of these might concern local conditions, like location, access to practice, parking, visibility, and environmental concerns. These would be difficult for a supplier to support you with. But, there are a lot of other requirements that you should feed back to your suppliers


Here is a checklist of what you should expect from your supplier:


• High quality
• Innovative
• Easy to work with




• Advanced technologies
• Added-value sales support tools and apps




• Easy online ordering
• Fast, reliable delivery
• Tools for support of your internal efficiency



Sales and marketing

• Attractive pricing models
• Marketing support
• Regular sales promotions



Support and training

• Personal and expert customer service
• Access when you need
• Specialist training at dedicated education and experience centers




On top of this list, your personal relation with the supplier sales representatives, specialists, and support people are vital. If they are knowledgeable, supportive, and easy to access, it makes your life easier. Add fun to this, and you might have found your perfect match.

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