Woman in red top wearing round sunglasses with Hoya Vision polarized tinted lenses

Reduced glare. Enhanced contrast. Increased visual comfort.

Hoya Polarized lenses are the number one sun solution for outdoor lovers. Filtering light in such a way as to avoid blinding reflections, polarized lenses are the right sun solution for any time and any place. By richer contrast and color perception they provide better vision comfort outdoors. Polarized lenses are available in a vast variety of product combinations in any prescription.

Love the sunshine. Protect from glare.

Light travels in many directions and it reflects randomly off shiny surfaces. This glare will impair quality of vision as perception of color and contrast will change. It is clearly noticeable when looking into a shop window on a sunny day, when you see reflections in the window rather than what’s on display.

Hoya Polarized lenses filter out blinding reflections, leaving a comfortably clear view with crisp colors and rich contrasts – exactly what you need in snow, at the sea, or when driving.

A shining solution for shining wearers

With a selection of three colors and an array of optional mirrored coatings Hoya Polarized lenses are not only the No. 1 solution for sun protection, but also a highly fashionable solution for the conscious spectacles wearer wanting the very best.


  • A polarizing efficiency of over 98 %
  • Eliminates glare and unpleasant reflections
  • Neutralizes the excessive brightness of sunlight
  • 100 % UV-A and UV-B protection


For the eye care professional

  • Reach more customers with a vast variety of product combinations
  • Suitable for all ages, including children
  • Raise customer satisfaction by recommending a highly beneficial, fashionable and individual sun solution
  • Benefit from the extensive Hoya support 

For the wearer

  • 100% UV protection
  • Contrast-rich vision without glare
  • Fashionable and stylish color and coating options

Oprettelse af perfekt kundeoplevelse

Hoya Vision-værktøjer gør dit arbejde nemt og effektivt og giver en enestående kundeoplevelse

Male hands using a computer mouse and keyboard


Optimeringsprocesser øger lønsomheden. Vi leverer værktøjerne til forbedring af dine arbejdsgange og processer.
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Male and female wearing eye glasses in an optician using an iPad


Hoya Visions udvalg af fortræffelige værktøjer til en effektiv og behagelig kundeoplevelse.
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