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Unique composition and unrivalled optical features for excellent performance.

Lens Materials


Optical clarity and comfort

You are deserved comfortable lenses. With our inherently thin and lightweight high-index plastic lens materials, you could enjoy optical clarity and an outstanding level of comfort.

Ultra-high index 1.74 (Eyvia)

Our thinnest and most elegant organic lens material

Since our search for perfection never stops, you can now have the lightest and most elegant lens material. Eyvia 1.74 is one of our most notable achievements in the high-index material range and recognised internationally* for its outstanding optical qualities and ultra-thin properties.


* Eyvia 1.74 was the winner of the International Forum Material Award in 2011

High index 1.67 (Eynoa)

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Premium high-index organic lens material

Keep up with the latest trends in fashion and design. Eynoa 1.67, our premium high-index lens material, is thin and lightweight yet optically pure. It offers the perfect combination of clarity, comfort and style.

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High index 1.60 (Eyas 2.0)


Our number one organic lens material, a bestseller.

Eyas 1.60 is our most successful premium lens material and has been a best-seller for more than 15 years. The success of Eyas 1.60 lies in its unique combination of qualities, providing optical clarity and exceptional comfort.


Impact resistant PNX 1.53

Landscape image of child wearing glasses whilst playing on the kitchen table

Ideal for children: strong, flexible organic lens material that can withstand a knock or two

PNX 1.53 is a robust and impact-resistant lens material. It’s the material of choice for anyone with an active lifestyle: children, youngsters, sports enthusiasts, or just the young at heart.

Landscape image of child wearing glasses whilst playing on the kitchen table

Plastic 1.50

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Reliable and budget-friendly.

With a refractive index of 1.50, this entry level lens material is economical and durable yet provides excellent optical corrective properties. It’s a great solution for wearer with simple prescriptions in low powers.

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