Greet the sun with the right lenses.

HOYA Polarized Lenses


Foresight for eyesight.

Block blinding reflections.

Help you enjoy the time outdoors. With our polarized lenses, blinding reflections and visual discomfort are no longer an issue. Reduced glare and enhanced contrast offer supreme visual performance, comfort and protection. Reducing harmful radiation can be crucial to long-term eye health.


Meeting your vision needs.

You eyes will be safer with Polarized lenses. With a polarized efficiency of over 98% offering 100% protection from harmful UV rays and Hi-Vision coating to ensure contrasts-rich vision, HOYA Polarized lenses give top patient satisfaction.


For people who don’t want to settle for anything less than the best sun solution.

HOYA Polarized lenses are a great sun solution for days spent in bright sunlight.

They lessen glare and reflections, block harmful UV-A and UV-B light, provide contrast-rich vision and make a fashion statement.

Standard Lens

Glare from the sun resulting in reduced visibility and eye fatigue. 

Hoya Polarized Lens

Reduced glare and better visibility with UV protection.

How can polarized technology improved your live?

Light travels in many directions, but when it reflects off shiny surfaces such as wet roads, cars, windows, snow, or water, it becomes polarized.

This increases the light intensity causing unpleasant glare and reducing visibility. Filtering light in such a way as to avoid blinding reflections, HOYA  polarized lenses are the right sun solution for any time and any place.

HOYA Polarized technologies

HOYA advanced technologies designed for your vision needs.

  • A polarized efficiency of over 98%
  • Eliminates glare and unpleasant reflections
  • Neutralizes the excessive brightness of sunlight
  • 100% UV-A and UV-B protection
  • Three fashionable colors to choose from (gray, brown, and gray-green)
  • Contrast-rich vision
  • Suitable for all ages, including children

HOYA Polarized can be combined with:

Hi-Vision Sun Pro

Apart from its remarkable aesthetic appeal, Hi-Vision Sun ensures contrast-rich vision due to the low reflection technology on its back. A special UV coating on the back surface of the lens guarantees even more protection from harmful UV rays for the eyes and eye contour. It also has a scratch-resistant finish to guarantee.

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HOYA Mirror & Light Mirror

Appearance is everything! In line with the latest fashion trends, we offer a mirror coating in eye-catching colour variations. A mirror coating creates a radiant, edgy style to your lenses, which is sure to
reflect your fashion sense!

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Take care of your vision

Visit your optician regularly to have your eyes examined. In between examinations, if you notice a change in or are concerned about your eyesight, contact your nearest Hoya Vision optician.


Hoya Vision lenses offer vision correction and its coatings/treatments can also protect your eyes. Detecting and treating problems early can help maintain good vision for the rest of your life.

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