For Digital Lifestyles

Female sat behind laptop screen wearing eyeglasses

The necessary comfort and protection in a digital world

Effective Blue Light Protection
Smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions have become a vital part of our everyday lives. Research* has shown that 83% of spectacle wearers experiences some form of eye stress during or after using digital devices. This includes eye strain, eye fatigue, and even sleeplessness.

* Millward Brown, November 2012

About BlueControl
BlueControl reduces the blue light emitted by digital screens, minimising glare and enhancing contrast. Effective blue light protection keeps the eyes in better condition while offering more comfortable and relaxed vision. BlueControl is highly recommended for people who spend extended periods with digital screens, including students, gamers, young professionals and office workers.

Available in combination with Hoya’s Hi-Vision LongLife, which is is a durable anti-reflective coating, BlueControl:

  • Provides blue light protection, helping to prevent eye strain and fatigue
  • Reduces glare for more comfortable and relaxed vision
  • Enhances contrast, improving clarity and colour perception
Clear view of ipad through lenses without BC

Without BlueControl

Less contrast and eye fatigue from using digital devices

Clear view of ipad through lenses with BC

With BlueControl

Enhanced colour contrast and comfortable vision even after using digital devices for a long period of time

You will benefit from

Reduced blue light, preventing eye strain and fatigue

Reduced glare for more comfortable and relaxed vision

Enhanced contrast, improving clarity and color perception