Hoyalux FiLi

Made exclusively for Filipinos

Wide and comfortable vision

The Hoyalux FiLi progressives are export quality lenses that are reasonably priced for the local market. It is designed to provide wide and comfortable vision to new presbyopes and those who are having adaptation issues.

About Hoyalux FiLi

Hoyalux FiLi is a back surface progressive. It has 3 design options - FiLi Balanced, FiLi Wide, and FiLi Extreme.

You can also increase the durability of the lenses and enjoy better eye protection by adding on Hoya lens’ treatments and coatings.

FiLi Balanced

FiLi Balanced provides wider visual field than conventional PAL due to its back surface freefrom design. Ideal for all presbyopes.

FiLi Wide

FiLi Wide is designed to have wider distance and reading area. Ideal for heavy readers, and those shifting from bifocal lenses.

FiLi Extreme

FiLi Extreme has the widest distance, intermediate and reading area compared to the other FiLi lenses. Ideal for active presbyopes, and as upgrade for those with higher prescription power and addition.

The eyeglass wearer will benefit from

Wide visual field

Short delivery time

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