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For the Visionaries

The company

Where Hoya Vision leads, others follow. For 75 years, Hoya Vision’s revolutionary optical and healthcare solutions have been pushing technological boundaries for customers around the world. Lens design has advanced considerably over the years, but one thing has remained unchanged: the dedication to quality and innovation for which Hoya Vision has become known.

Hoya Vision works tirelessly to understand the individual needs of its customers. From the latest lens designs and thinnest, most durable materials to award-winning anti-reflective coatings and advanced vision examination technologies, Hoya Vision invests heavily in research and development. The result is a world-renowned range of products providing total eye care.

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We see the world through your eyes

It is our mission to empower and support our visionaries. 

Driven by a passion for partnership and innovation, we provide eye care professionals with what they need to successfully develop their practice: from high-quality lenses to seamlessly integrated systems, training and reliable services.  

We empower our eye care professionals by focusing on their three key qualities: care, knowledge and foresight. 


At HOYA, we appreciate that caring for your patients is your main concern. That’s why HOYA continuously provides the support you need as an eye care professional, so you can focus on what you care about most: giving your patients the gift of clear vision


Visionaries crave knowledge. While you stay connected to trends and innovations, you apply your knowledge to ensure each patient’s long-term wellbeing. To offer patients the highest level of expertise, you can rely on HOYA for knowledge, through services, support and communication, as well as continuous training. This allows you to access the latest information and ceaselessly expand your knowledge base.


Foresight is the key to your success. We will use our innovation, technology and market insights to help your business flourish. Innovation is an integral part of our DNA. It is our mission to keep all of our visionaries in touch with the future - in relation to your practice, industry and patients. HOYA strives to help you look ahead: from providing the latest on technologies, as well as insights, on the evolving optical and retail industries.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Bridging the vision care gap

All over the world, people struggle with unaddressed vision issues due to a lack of awareness, resources, and intervention. That’s why HOYA made a commitment to help bridge the vision care gap by partnering with vision care organizations that promote eye-care services, strive to increase eye-health literacy, and are dedicated to providing communities across the world with access to interventions.

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Company and history

HOYA Corporation was founded in the city of Hoya, Tokyo, 1941, by Shoichi and Shigeru Yamanaka, two visionary brothers. For more than 75 years, HOYA’s revolutionary optical and healthcare solutions have been pushing technological boundaries for customers around the world. Learn about our company and history to find out how we became a world-renowned provider of total eye care. 

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Work for HOYA?

Want to join HOYA and play a crucial role in helping eye care professionals to provide people with the gift of clear eyesight? Take a look at our careers page to find out what you can expect from us as an employer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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