Children's Lenses

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The safe solution for your kids

A lens perfectly tuned to the specific needs of children, providing sharp vision, impact resistance, UV protection and wearing comfort.

Does my child need glasses?

Children’s eyes play a vital role in the development of their language and motor skills. A problem with your child’s vision may affect their ability to learn and can lead to a number of social and developmental issues. That’s why it’s crucial to identify and diagnose eye problems at an early age. Common signs that your child needs glasses are:

  • Sitting too close to the TV
  • Losing track while reading
  • Frequent blinking and eye rubbing
  • Squinting, head tilting or closing one eye when trying to focus
  • A sudden downturn in performance at school
  • Reluctance to join in physical activity

After an eye test, your child may be advised to wear glasses. Hoya Vision understands young eyes and has developed an extensive range of children’s lenses, coatings and treatments.

Hoya Vision the ideal lens for kids girls playing with soap bubbles

The ideal lens for kids

The children's lens is virtually unbreakable and withstands hard impacts. Yet, it is extremely thin and lightweight, providing maximum wearing comfort. It is water, dirt and dust repellent. Also, it is easy to clean and extremely scratch resistant in combination with Superior Scaratch Resistance, the most durable anti-reflective coating on the market today. For children’s safety, it is fully protective, blocking 100% of harmful UV rays.

In addition, the lenses come in a variety of designs that correct specific types of eye disorders. A wide range of lens treatments and tints offers additional comfort and protection.

Hoya Vision the ideal lens for kids girls playing with soap bubbles

Your child will benefit from

Unsurpassed optical clarity

Confident everyday use thanks to safe, robust lenses

Optimal wearing comfort

Maximum protection for both eyes and lenses