For next level performance.

HOYA Sports Lenses

Made to perform better.

Outstanding performance while standing out from the crowd.

Do you want to help your patients achieve their best athletic performance without compromising their visual protection? With Sportive single vision and progressive lenses, you can offer your patients improved peripheral vison, while enjoying visual comfort in dynamic situations.

Through the use of our unique prism compensation technology, the high-curved lenses are optimised for wrap around frames, providing a snug, comfortable fit and protection to the front and sides of the face.

Meeting your patients’ needs.

With prescription Sports Lenses, your patients no longer need to choose between performance, protection and aesthetic appeal. With HOYA Sports lenses you offer them:

  • A wide field of vision at all distances.
  • Continuous protection from wind, dust, glare and sun.
  • High-contrast vision in all weather conditions.
  • A stylish look.


The better the performance, the greater the fun

HOYA Sportive lenses are available in single vision and progressive designs, and are available with a variety of contrast enhancing tints and HOYA’s mirror coatings.


Image of two lenses on a grey background

Wide fields of vision, outstanding optical performance and high curvature

Sportive lenses are optimised for high base curve frames with HOYA’s unique prism compensation technology facilitating a match with the frame curvature.

Sport lenses technologies

Proven HOYA advanced technologies designed for your patient’s needs.

Sportive view

Great binocular visual experience which is useful in situations that required fast reaction

Eye Tracking

Clearer vision right to the lens edge

Wrap fit

Wide peripheral vision with clear visual fields and enhanced natural viewing with high curved lenses

Asymmetrical Design

Easy focusing in all gaze directions for great dynamic balance

Sportive lenses can be combined with:

Special Sphere

Function and fashion go hand in hand with Special Sphere, HOYA’s range of contrast-enhancing tints. Fine details remain clearly visible when light conditions are far from optimal.

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HOYA Mirror

Appearance is everything! Patients who wish to keep up with the latest fashion trends can opt for a HOYA Mirror coating, which is available in three eyecatching colour variations.

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Sportive lenses offer you, the Eye Care Professional:

  • The ability to reach a large group of sports enthusiasts.
  • A comprehensive colour and treatment range of options, allowing you to meet all your athletic patients’ requirements.
  • A lens solutions for high-curved wrap around frames.


Image of optician holding a trial frame

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