Contrast Enhancing Tints

Male and female skiers wearing eyeglasses

Coloured lenses for sports

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur sports enthusiast, the correct sports equipment can significantly improve performance. Yet, correct eyewear is often overlooked. Our coloured lenses for sports can mean the difference between winning and losing. 

Coloured lenses for sports selectively reduce light of certain wavelengths from reaching the eye, diminishing glare and optimising contrast sensitivity. This has a number of benefits for outdoor activities. 

The thin and lightweight material adds to comfort and aesthetic appeal, and a premium anti-reflection coating can be added to customise the lenses for even better performance and durability.

Contrast enhancing lenses are available in six tints, each suited to specific weather conditions

Yellow and orange

Decrease the amount of blue light passing through the lens for improved depth perception, reduced glare, and enhanced contrast in overcast, hazy or foggy weather conditions.


Reduces blue light even on bright days for enhanced background contrast (for example a ball on grass) and great colour perception.

Copper and brown

Block a large amount of blue light for extreme contrast and depth perception. Perfect for sports that require focused distance vision and the best choice as an all-round sports lens.


Decreases the amount of blue light entering your eyes for significantly reduced glare and enhanced colour and contrast perception, even in sunny conditions.

You will benefit from

High contrast vision in all weather conditions

Improved visual comfort and clarity

The ability to see with speed and accuracy

Enhanced performance