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HOYA Tinted Lenses

Live life in full colour

Tinted lenses for every need

Colourful summers need colourful lenses. Offer your patients a variety of tinted lenses to enhance their vision for a range of activities. From sports to driving glasses and everyday spectacles, your patients will be able to add colour to their look with functional tints.


Meeting your patients’ needs.

HOYA offers full and gradient colour options as well as functional tints suited for specific activities. Depending on the tint colour and intensity chosen, wearers may benefit from enhanced colour contrast for specific activities and improved colour perception. 


Standard Lens

No enhanced colour contrast and excessive light under bright conditions.

HOYA Tint Lens

Enhanced colour contrast and reduction in excessive light for more comfortable vision.

HOYA Tinted Lens features

HOYA advanced features designed for your patient’s needs.

  • 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B rays (when conbined with a UV treatment).
  • Available in 39 colours and 25 gradient tints in a wide range of densities.
  • Available accross the HOYA lens range.
  • Functional tints for specific activities.

HOYA Tinted lenses can be combined with:

Hi-Vision SUN Pro

Apart from its remarkable aesthetic appeal, Hi-Vision SUN Pro ensures contrast-rich vision due to the low reflection technology. A special UV coating on the back surface of the lens guarantees even more protection from harmful UV rays. 

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HOYA Mirror & Light Mirror

Appearance is everything! In line with the latest fashion trends, we offer a range of mirror coatings in eye-catching colour variations. A mirror coating creates a radiant, edgy style to your lenses, which is sure to reflect your fashion sense!

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Image of optician holding a trial frame

HOYA Tinted lenses offer you, the Eye Care Professional:

  • A range of colour to offer your patients.
  • A range of functional tints where high contrast vision is required.
  • Suitable for all ages, ensuring you reach a wide range of patients.


Image of optician holding a trial frame

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