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Josh Rajasansi, OD: The importance of BHT-based lenses for their practice and patients

Recently, the Review of Optometric Business interviewed Josh Rajasansi, OD and Co-Founding Member of Experts On Sight LLC, on the importance of prescribing the right lens from HOYA Vision Care. Operating two locations in the Phoenix area, his practices benefit from prescribing PALs like iD LifeStyle® 3 and iD MyStyle® 2, and for near-variable-focus, work/computer glasses with iD Space™, iD Screen™ or iD Zoom™. 


In this article, read how prescribing patients lenses with HOYA’s Binocular Harmonization Technology (BHT),™ ensures they are always seeing their best.


HOYA’s patented BHT™ algorithm always uses two eyes in two lenses to calculate the correct amount of prescription and where it should be in the corridor length, in order to send a clear single image to the brain.


Dr. Rajasansi states, “I never heard an optician say that they love troubleshooting lenses with a patient, or an optometrist say that they love an Rx check. BHT has resulted in our remake rate for non-adaptation to PALs being cut in approximately half. Lenses without BHT are more difficult to adapt to. BHT Eliminates or significantly reduces the negative effects of this unintended, induced prism.” 


HOYA is for the visionaries. We thank all Eye Care Professionals around the world that change lives with improved sight and productivity.


Read the entire article here.