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The Hoya Learning Center

What Is The Hoya Learning Center

We know when practices invest time in their employees, the practice and patients all win.

The Hoya Learning Center will start with 10 brand new courses. Topics include:

  • Basic Optics – Anatomy of the Eye, Physics, Progressive and Single Vision solutions
  • Products and Technology – Sync III, Binocular Harmonization Technology, and Integrated Dual Surface Design
  • Management and Sales – Selling Multiple Premium Pairs, and Office Hygiene

The new Hoya Learning Center (HLC) integrates with our CRM system to have single sign on which will make the transition to learning easier. Future editions will offer the opportunity to reward staff with certifications, set up learning pathways, create competitions and the ability to socialize through the Learning Center. This will be our one-stop for all development.

New courses and features will be rolled out on a continuous basis throughout 2021. Customers will be notified via their Hoya Hub portal access, sales and customer service representatives.