Students of Optometry and Opticianry

Connecting with the Future

Students sat in lecture theatre

Are you a student in optometry or opticianry school?

Congratulations! You are about to embark on an exciting career in vision care. Hoya’s professional services department is very active in the student community. We are eager to share the latest in vision solutions technology with you. Over the past decade we have supported student clubs on campus, scholarship programs, student events, student training/education, AOSA meeting events, as well as renovations and laboratory equipment for schools.

Supporting Students

There are amazing innovations in lens technology and we are constantly visiting campuses to share the latest with you. Hoya’s goal is to support the students through education and first-hand technology knowledge. We sponsor a student lens program and if you are one of the school’s that participate in the student lens program, click here to continue. 

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