Shaping the future of vision care

Myopia: biggest eye health threat, set to affect 50% by 2050.

At HOYA, we are dedicated to improving your child's vision health and raising awareness about myopia. We urge governments and health organizations to prioritize myopia for early detection and education. Myopia can be slowed, not just corrected. That's why we created MiYOSMART lenses—an innovative, safe, and non-invasive solution that provides clear vision and slows myopia progression. #ActNow



Understanding Your Vision

When consulting Eye Care Professionals, you're in good hands. They should know how to guide and advise you all the way to the prescription and spectacles that optimally meet your needs and preferences. However, to understand and actively take part in decisions along the way, it's good to know the basics and understand vision.

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Choosing Hoya Vision eyeglass lenses

Unrivalled optical functionality and durability combines with exquisite aesthetics. Perfect vision. Perfect look.

Choosing Frames

Your frames are perceived as a part of you and are therefore very important. These four main factors need to be considered when choosing frames.

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Choosing Lenses

Learn about quality, the difference between lenses and how to choose eyeglass lenses.

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Choosing Lens Coating

Annoyed by scratches, dirt and reflections? Protect your lenses with a premium lens coating from HOYA, Hi-Vision Meiryo.

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Hi-Vision Meiryo

No matter what life throws at you, HOYA's new lens coating, Hi-Vision Meiryo, keeps your spectacle lens clear for longer.

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Looking after your lenses

Keeping your glasses clean and in good shape will reduce wear and make them last longer. But also, they will perform better and provide a better vision experience.

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Thoughts, tips and facts about lenses

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