A new generation of light-adaptive lenses.


Any light. Anywhere. Any time

No matter where the summer takes your patients, with Sensity light-adaptive lenses they are ready to enjoy a variety of settings. Our three unique lenses come in three different colors, darken to category-3 tints outdoor and go clear indoors.

Sensity 2

Light-adaptive lenses close to twice as fast in fading back compared to standard Sensity lenses.
Sensity 2 Urban Gardener Full Tint image RGB

Fade faster. See clearer.

With Sensity light-adaptive photochromic lenses you can offer your patients comfort and versatility. Now, Sensity 2 offers even more benefits, improved technology and superior features, including a fade-back speed that’s almost twice as fast.

Sensity 2 rapidly darkens to an attractive, category 3 sun lens tint, and fades back faster than ever before – offering 100% protection in all light. Offer your patients comfort, no matter the climate, season or lifestyle.

For more information, visit your country’s HOYA page
Sensity 2 Urban Gardener Full Tint image RGB

Sensity 2 doesn’t compromise on style or colour perception – let your customers wear what suits them most. Offer them three deep, natural tints, developed by colour specialists.

Silver Grey

Bronze Brown

Emerald Green

Sensity Dark

Stand out with extra performance.
Sensity Dark Architect Intermediate Image RGB

Extra performance and protection

Cycling, fishing, driving, playing golf, running – Sensity Dark lenses are great when you spend most of the day outdoors. The light reactive lenses deliver extra darkness in the open air as a reaction to UV light and visible light. Besides, they even darken behind the car window. It means that when you experience super-intense light or high temperatures, Sensity Dark lenses bring ultimate comfort. And most spectacular of all: the lenses quickly fade back to exceptional clarity indoors.

For more information, visit your country’s HOYA page
Sensity Dark Architect Intermediate Image RGB

You get to choose from three deep, natural tints that were developed by color specialists to harmonise with sun lens trends, thus guaranteeing you a contemporary look.

Sensity Dark Silver Grey

Sensity Dark Bronze Brown

Sensity Dark Emerald Green

Sensity Shine

Stand out with extra style
Sensity Shine Curator Intermediate Image RGB

The next step in light-adaptive lenses.

Sensity Shine gives your customers an exclusive look thanks to a mirror coating that is more intense in the light yet subtle when indoors. Shine is great for customers who are attracted to a more trendy and fashionable lens. Or because of its technical features: Shine embodies the evolution of the sun lens thanks to its mirror coating and its excellent darkening technology.

For more information, visit your country’s HOYA page 
Sensity Shine Curator Intermediate Image RGB

You can offer all Sensity lenses in three natural colors. Sensity Shine has a matching light mirror coating in every color that lets the wearer stand out in style.

Sensity Shine Silver Grey

Light mirror silver

Sensity Shine Bronze Brown

Light mirror copper

Sensity Shine Emerald Green

Light mirror blue