More than just sharp vision

A Balance between Performance and Aesthetics

Most spectacle wearers find scratch-resistance important for their lenses and how they look with their specatacles on, especially wearers with high prescription power.

About Nulux

Nulux offers wearers a range of single vision lenses which provides optimised visual performance and a natural image perception. Many wearers are also looking for thinner and durable lenses. Hence, Hoya designed flatter lenses that are easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant and able to withstand the test of time.

Add on Hoya’s lens’ treatments and coatings for better lens durability and eye protection.

Nulux V+

NULUX V+ lens is an exclusive lens tailored to people's personal wearing conditions. It is highly suitable to those who valued the highest quality product and sharp vision in all directions.

  • Tailor made single vision lenses based on personal wearing conditions
  • Sharp and unrestricted vision in all sight directions
  • A natural, clear visual field at all times
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Ideal for a modern, dynamic lifestyle


Nulux EP

These lenses are carefully designed utilising cutting edge technology to be significantly thinner, flatter and lighter than regular lenses, providing you with wider, clearer vision and all day comfort.

  • Wide visual fields throughout the power range, even with moderate astigmatism
  • Widest aberration-free field of view
  • Aesthetically attractive lenses with minimal magnification or minification effect
  • Flatter, lighter and thinner


Nulux Classic

Hoya's aspheric single vision design with flatter, thinner looks and a wider visual field.

  • Features
  • Standard solution for low to moderate prescriptions
  • Great vision in all directions of sight
  • Aesthetically attractive lenses with minimal magnification or minification effect
  • Flatter, lighter and thinner
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