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Better Visual Performance at Sports

Vision is not only an important factor in sports performance, it also allows us to enjoy every moment of playing the sport freely. Sportive lenses are designed for highly curved frames which are meant to fit well and securely even during fast activities as well as to provide vision optimised for sports.

Sportive is also ideal for different weather conditions and when worn with highly curved sports frames, they protect the wearers' eyes against weather elements such as the wind and snow.

Sportive is recommended for:

  • A wider visual field with clarity that extends to the periphery of the lenses
  • Easy focusing in all gaze direction
  • Good binocular visual experience
View through bike handlebars following two cyclists through mountains

Standard Single Vision Sports Lens

Distorted image at periphery of lenses

View of mountain biker handlebars following other cyclists on mountain track

Sportive Single Vision

Enhanced natural viewing and improved optical performance

Comparison of standard pal lenses vs sportive lenses

Standard Progressive Sport Lens

Narrow clear field of vision with high distortion at the sides of the lenses

View of running track through lenses that are blurry at bottom

Sportive Progressive Lens

Wider visual field with higher optical accuracy even on the periphery of lenses

White background with blue border with sportive written in white

The eyeglass wearer will benefit from

Good binocular visual experience which is useful in situations that require fast reactions

Easy focusing in all gaze directions

Protection against weather elements when outdoors

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