Yuniku Presentation Event in Spain

Some days ago Hoya Lens Iberia held a trendy event in Madrid to introduce Yuniku to the Spanish market. It was done together with OPTICA2000, the optical stores of El Corte Ingles, the famed Spanish retailer.


The event took place in a stylish multifunctional venue dedicated to fashion and technology. Two local Brand Ambassadors where the sponsors of the event:  Olympic synchronized swimmer Gemma Mengual and designer Juanjo Oliva. We were lucky that Juanjo Oliva had just won the first prize to the best collection in MBFWM (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid), the most important fashion catwalk in Madrid. Both Gemma and Juanjo  reflect perfection, synchronization, harmony and premium design which are the spirit of Yuniku.



Attendants to the event were, apart from HOYA and OPTICA2000 staff, the mass media, influencers, bloggers and other local celebrities like some actors, TV presenters, models, designers… as the main objective of the event was to spread the news among consumers and other ECP’s in the market.



It was a succesfull call, not only due to the local celebrities, but also because all media were sincerely interested in Yuniku, due to its innovative character.



A video presenting Yuniku was done for the event and released to all media. It contains testimonies from Hoya Managers, OPTICA2000 director, and from our ambassadors, who are already Yuniku wearers. Enjoy the visit, it has English subtitles!



And a second video has just been done with Gemma Mengual, a Q&A format to be spread online. Although it is in Spanish, I hope you like it also!



This event means the official launch of Yuniku in Spain. El Corte Ingles has got it in two stores, in Madrid and Barcelona, and we start the roll out in other customers as from now.

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