A Vision for Tomorrow. Educating and Empowering Girls in Turkey

At HOYA Vision Care, we are known for our commitment to sustainability. That commitment has led us on a truly transformative journey in Turkey, one that intertwines social responsibility and environmental consciousness.


Sparked by a desire to understand on-ground realities, our team in Turkey took a bold step in 2021 to shift from traditional packaging materials to sustainable alternatives. Where previously using printed paper, PVC envelopes, and metal spray bottles, we transitioned to recycled paper and envelopes and eliminated the production of spray bottles altogether. This pivotal change wasn’t just a win for the environment; it created an opportunity for remarkable social impact.

By redirecting funds saved from these sustainable practices, we were able to contribute significantly to UNICEF in Turkey, directly empowering 1,494 Turkish girls with access to education between April-October of last year.  Since filming, we’ve increased our total contribution to help more than 2,306 girls.


This initiative stands as a beacon of hope, not only elevating Turkey’s educational landscape, but also inspiring HOYA teams globally. It is a testament to how corporate responsibility, when thoughtfully executed, can yield profound benefits for the communities we share.

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