HOYA’s Beach Cleanup Day 2023

HOYA places a huge importance on a clean environment at work, in our communities and in our natural surroundings. In the past twelve months alone, over 2500 HOYA employees have been involved in clean-up activities across twelve sites.

In Bali, the Vision Ease Team Asia held a teambuilding, beach clean-up day, that was met with great enthusiasm, as the team gathered more than 10kg of plastic in less than 15 minutes. This group activity raised the awareness of employees on the impact that plastic waste has on nature and how a simple, mindful gesture can impact our lives for the better.

In the Netherlands, our colleagues set out to clean up one of the country’s most famous beach areas. At first sight, the beach appeared relatively clean, but the amount of micro plastics, glass and hidden trash found in the sand, was shocking to participants.

After the clean-up, everyone joined an educational session on the types of trash that can be recycled from these areas and how many of these materials can be repurposed and turned into souvenirs and other useful upcycled objects.

Environmental and educational initiatives like these are a part of the regular team activities of HOYA employees all over the world. Keep an eye out for future articles to learn more.

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