One Vision Day: Local Initiatives with Global Impact

One Vision Day is more than an event; it’s a manifestation of our dedication to a sustainable future. It embodies our belief that every day is an opportunity to make a positive impact.


This March, our first-every One Vision Day activities will rally colleagues from offices all around the world to join together for dozens of meaningful, measurable initiatives to support our local communities, our workplaces, and our planet. While this may be our first One Vision Day, the ethos it represents has long been core to the HOYA brand.

‘Focus on a better tomorrow, today’ is the guiding principle at the heart of One Vision Day. It is a celebration of the joy of giving back, based on a belief that small steps collectively lead to significant strides in environmental stewardship and social responsibility. From local clean-ups to global initiatives, every action during One Vision Day takes us toward a healthier, more sustainable world.


At HOYA Vision Care, our commitment to giving back isn’t limited to a day or a month; it’s a year-long promise to support our local communities, protect our planet and ensure our offices are great places to work and thrive. Together, that’s all possible. Together, we’ll make One Vision Day an inspiration for not just our organization but also the world around us. 

Let's start now, with One Vision

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