One Vision Day 2024 Recap

Earlier this year, HOYA celebrated ‘One Vision month’ – a March-long drive dedicated to giving back to our communities, our workplace, and impacting the environment with local initiatives.

Thousands of colleagues from around the world joined together to facilitate 86 activities and events across 27 countries. From picking up litter to planting trees, to providing complimentary eye screenings for vulnerable children and giving back through soup kitchens, food drives, and clothing donations – all our activities focused on creating a better tomorrow, today.

The success of our One Vision celebration proves that when we work together with a shared vision, even small actions take us one step closer to achieving a healthier, more sustainable world.

But One Vision isn’t limited to only one month: it’s part of our wider promise to support our local communities, protect our plants, and ensure our offices are places where employees can grow and thrive.

Check out the One Vision month video, packed with sustainable initiatives from around the globe below:

Let's start now, with One Vision

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Recent initiatives

Our initiatives where we're striving to make a difference

We aim to support communities, reduce environmental impact and create a safe & diverse workspace. We've gathered some of the amazing initiatives from our people around the world.

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