Planting Mangroves and Growing Environmental Guardianship in Klong Kong Village

In 2011, a monsoon struck Thailand, flooding the local HOYA facility and putting the community at risk. This pivotal catastrophe spurred the staff toward environmental activism, leading to the establishment of the HOYA Go Green Committee. Their first project was establishing tree plantations - a proactive step to mitigate damage during monsoon season.


In subsequent years, when the commitment heard about the devastation of mangroves in the nearby village of Klong Kong, they sprang into action. In collaboration with the Mangrove Resources Management Centre, the HOYA Go Green Committee embarked on a vital afforestation drive. In the years since, and united by a common purpose, HOYA volunteers planted extensive mangrove forests along the coastline, fostering a natural barrier and a thriving ecosystem. This green initiative not only rejuvenated the local environment, but also resurrected Klong Kong Village as a bustling eco-tourism hub, revitalizing the community’s economy. 


Today, these ambitious afforestation projects continue as part of HOYA One Vision, embodying HOYA’s dedication to combating climate change and safeguarding communities like Klong Kong Village. They are yet another example of how we at HOYA focus on a better tomorrow, today.

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