Choosing lenses

Woman from above trying on a pair of eye glasses

How do I choose eyeglass lenses?

What? Doesn't my optician know which lenses are the best choice for me? 
Yes, of course. An eye care professional is a specialist who can tailor glasses to your individual needs and preferences. However, with today's advanced lens technology there is an abundance of options, where the optician is your guide and advisor. But, at the end of the day, it's only you who can evaluate and prioritise your own preferences. That's why your engagement in choosing lenses will result in better vision!

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Female customer in an optician trying on a pair of eyeglasses with Hoya Vision digital lenses

Is there really any difference between lenses?

Yes! If you look at other glasses wearers, their lenses appear to be just plastic… But depending on the lenses in your glasses, you will perceive and experience what you see differently, depending on the lenses in your eyeglasses.

Fingers holding a Hoya Vision lens in a machine

What is lens quality?

Almost every manufacturer claims to provide ‘quality lenses’. But, unlike ‘quality’ that’s partly emotionally perceived, as for wines, clothes or spectacle frames, lens quality is all about technical features in design, materials, coating and manufacturing precision. In the end, it’s pure science.

Male optician showing two females a pair of eyeglasses with Hoya Vision lenses

Why should I choose a premium quality lens over a budget lens?

Simply because the premium quality lens will perform much better with regard to quality of vision, comfort and durability. 

Female having eye glasses with Hoya Vision digital lenses fitted by a male optician

How do I choose lenses for my glasses?

It depends on your actual needs and preferences. These, in turn, depend on your lifestyle. How much time do you spend on a screen each day, or driving a car? Are you seeking the best vision possible? Or are you willing to compromise how you see, in order to spend less? Put simply, the combination of your choices should reflect who you are.