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Optimise customer experience and deliver the ultimate patient care with our tools, systems, instruments and in-store materials.

Deliver the best patient care

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As an eye care professional, you know the key to customer satisfaction is providing the best experience for your patients – from the moment they enter your door to exiting with optimally personalised eyesight correction. With the combined support of our tools and systems, relevant in-store materials and innovative instruments, we can help you shape that exceptional experience for your patients.

Eye examination


The eye examination procedure is the first step of your patient’s journey to clear eyesight. We provide the instruments, tools and systems to make the experience seamless for you and effortless for your patients, ensuring the highest quality refraction. To further help you deliver the best care possible, we will also connect you to our best-in-class partners. 


HOYA Consultation Centre 360

HCC360 is an innovative application designed to be used in practice to help guide patients through the consultation process. The HCC360 digital tool serves as a consultation guide for eyecare professionals, assisting them in guiding patients through frame and lens selection. The aim of the tool is to enhance practice expertise by providing a sleek interface and ensuring consistent communication with patients.

HOYA Digital Fitting

HOYA Digital Fitting (HDF) is an iPad video centration application that takes accurate and precise Position of Wear (POW) measurements, as well as simulating the lens design to support optimal dispensing. The application is designed to deliver a comfortable and technologically advanced experience, for every patient.

Visureal Master

The visuReal Master is a wirelessly-controlled, wafer-thin mirror, equipped with 6 auto-detect cameras and LED lighting to capture data. It automatically measures client height and distance, making it a comfortable and non-intrusive experience for patients. VisuReal Master also captures centration data, which is then instantly ready for transfer to your system. A stylish addition to any store, providing everything you need for fast and accurate centration measuring.

Lenstar Myopia

Help your patients manage myopia with a winning combination. The combination of Lenstar Myopia and the MiYOSMART lens facilitates a more efficient treatment flow in and out of your practice. Together, they form a connected treatment program that allows for more comprehensive and effective myopia management than ever before.

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Outstanding products and excellence in service

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