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Light-adaptive lenses designed for every lifestyle.


The choice is clear. Simply Sensity.

Sensity lenses provide convenience and UV protection, making them ideal for active patients with busy, adventurous lifestyles who often move between indoor and outdoor environments. The four available lens options in different colors darken outdoors and fade back to clear when indoors. These lenses seamlessly adjust to various light conditions, providing the practicality of 2-in-1 glasses. Now with the option of enhanced aesthetics with additional Hi-Vision SUN Pro anti-reflective coating!

Benefits of Sensity Technology

Our drive to consistently update our performance and technology means that our products are at the forefront of photochromic possibilities.

  • Stabilight Technology¹: for consistent performance and UV protection in a variety of climate and light conditions
  • Precision Photochromic Technology: microscopically accurate spin-coating
    process for superior adhesion
  • UV protection²
  • Modular blue light control³ for more comfort when using digital devices in a digital world
  • A range of intense, natural color options
  • Darkens to a category 3 sun lens tint¹
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Sensity 2

Enjoy the convenience of light adaptive lenses

With Sensity light-adaptive photochromic lenses you can offer your patients comfort, convenience, and versatility. Sensity offers improved technology, UV protection², and features including a fade-back speed that’s almost twice as fast as its previous generation.

Sensity rapidly darkens to category 3 sun lens tint when outdoors and fades back faster than ever before – being exceptionally clear indoors. Provide your patients comfort no matter the lifestyle, climate, or season.


Sensity 2 offers a range of tint and color options developed by HOYA’s color specialists to suit individual styles.

Silver Grey

Bronze Brown

Emerald Green

Oceanic Blue

Sensity Dark

Enjoy the comfort of light adaptive lenses

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, frequent drivers, and those living in sunny climates or with high light sensitivity, Sensity Dark lenses are designed to enhance your patient’s experience. Whether they’re cycling, fishing, golfing, or running, these light-reactive lenses not only protect from UV² but also from visible light, providing extra darkness outside. Additionally, Sensity Dark lenses darken when worn inside a car and provide excellent glare reduction and comfort in intensely bright or warm conditions.



For Sensity Dark, your patients can choose from three deep, natural tints.

Silver Grey

Bronze Brown

Emerald Green

Sensity Shine

Enjoy the style of light adaptive lenses

Sensity Shine lenses offer a stylish and exclusive choice for fashion-conscious individuals who are also frequently outdoors. These lenses feature a chic mirror coating that intensifies in sunlight, providing a unique and fashionable look, yet remain subtly elegant indoors. They are an alternative to sun lenses, changing to extra darkness outdoors while offering UV protection². Sensity Shine is an alternative to sun lenses, blending aesthetics with exceptional light-adaptive capabilities.


Available in three colors, Sensity Shine has a matching light mirror coating, allowing your patients to express their style effortlessly.

Silver Grey 

Light mirror silver

Bronze Brown

Light mirror copper

Emerald Green

Light mirror blue

Sensity Fast

Fastest fading light adaptive lenses³

Sensity Fast lenses offer a dynamic vision solution tailored for the most active patients with busy, on-the-go lifestyles, who frequently move in and outdoors. Lenses that match their energetic pace, Sensity Fast stands out as the ultimate recommendation. These lenses are the quickest fading light adaptive lenses available³, fading back to fully clear lenses indoors and comfort in ever-changing light conditions. With modular blue light control³ and UV protection² integrated, Sensity Fast lenses cater to the diverse needs of modern life, performing best in colder climates.



Sensity Fast is available in two vibrant color options

Silver Grey

Bronze Brown

Available with Hi-Vision SUN Pro anti-reflective coating!

Now, with the additional Hi-Vision SUN Pro anti-reflective coating available, elevate your Sensity lenses to a higher level of aesthetics

  • Outstanding aesthetics and neutral reflection color, ideal for dark lenses
  • Increased contrast compared to standard photochromic spectacles with standard anti-reflective coatings.
  • 100% UV protection, including extra protection from UV rays on the back side of the lens.
  • High scratch resistance and enhanced durability
  • Water, grease, and dirt repellence for easy lens cleaning


More information on Hi-Vision SUN Pro


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