Why choose HOYA?

Your focus

Uniqueness in design and aesthetics

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You are unique – your eyeglass lenses should be too

Of course, you’re looking for spectacle frames that fit your look and your personality. Once you’ve found them, you’re still only at the beginning of the path to perfect glasses, because it's the lenses that make your spectacles perfect. Proper lenses are unique and personalized for you, and the lens design itself actually influences the way you appear while wearing your eyeglasses.

Remember, first and foremost, it’s about your own vision. Hoya Vision eyeglass lenses offer an optimal vision. They are tailored to your personal lifestyle and correction needs, for a unique vision experience.

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Quality, safety and value for money

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Talking about eyeglass lens quality entails far more than the lens itself.

Also, the process of defining your lenses is part of the Hoya Vision product quality.

Through our uncompromised dedication to quality throughout the entire process, you are receiving a tailored premium product. This dedication to quality is your guarantee to having the very best product there is for you – and that is great value for money.

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Latest functional improvements and innovations

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Cutting-edge innovative technology pushes the boundaries

At Hoya Vision, we are driven by innovation. Harnessing the latest and most advanced technology, we are leading the way in driving methods, processes and products towards perfection.

Our strong reliance on cutting-edge technology enables unique product features – your guarantee to receive the most advanced products available on the market.

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Take care of your vision

Visit your Eye Care Professional regularly to have your eyes examined. In between examinations, if you notice a change in or are concerned about your eyesight, contact your nearest Hoya Vision Eye Care Professional.


Hoya Vision lenses offer vision correction and its coatings/treatments can also protect your eyes. Detecting and treating problems early can help maintain good vision for the rest of your life.

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