As an eye care professional, you know that standard lenses aren’t for everyone. With our special lenses, you can offer patients a tailored solution that accounts for the full spectrum of varying visual requirements. From specialized lenses for athletes to lenses for driving.

Special situation lenses



Driving lenses

For patients who spend prolonged periods of time behind the wheel of their car, EnRoute Single Vision and Progressive lenses for driving can offer the visual support they need. EnRoute Progressive incorporates our renowned technologies: Integrated Double Surface Design for wider visual fields and fast switching between distances. And Balanced View Control, for stable image perception in dynamic driving situations. Help your customers achieve visual comfort, with clear, relaxed vision in all directions, at all distances. And thanks to the enhanced contrast, you don’t only improve clarity but also color perception, which aids their confidence while driving at night. 

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Sports lenses

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Do you want to help your patients achieve their best athletic performance, without compromising their visual protection? With Sportive sports lenses, you can offer your athletic patients improved peripheral vision, while enjoying visual comfort and a dynamic, stylish look. Through the use of our unique prism compensation technology, the high-curved lenses are optimized for wraparound frames, providing a snug, comfortable fit and protection to the front and sides of the face. With prescription sports lenses, your patients no longer need to choose between performance, protection and aesthetic appeal.

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