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Award-winning anti-reflective coatings for performance and protection.

AR coatings

Hoya Vision digital lens material

Performance and protection

The evolution of anti-reflective (AR) treatments over the past few years has been dramatic.

Beginning as a way to improve the amount of light passing through the lens to offer the wearer a better visual experience, today’s premium AR treatments offer an entire lens protection system. The improvements have been nothing short of revolutionary. And HOYA has led the revolution!

Super HiVision® Meiryo™ EX4™

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Provide your patients with clarity that lasts

Super HiVision® Meiryo™ EX4™ is the latest innovation from HOYA: our most advanced premium spectacle lens coating yet.

With exceptional clarity, scratch resistance, and UV protection, Super HiVision® Meiryo™ EX4™ has the most effective combination of features which provide exceptional clarity, long-lasting lens protection, and clarity of vision.

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Super HiVision® EX3+®

Our Challenge – Your Solution

Problem: Your patients expect their glasses to provide:

  • Dual side UV protection
  • Increase visual clarity
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Long term cleanability

Solution: HOYA’s Super HiVision® EX3+®  AR treatment provides everything your patients expect and goes one step further with additional UV protection.

Technology Features

Proprietary Substrate Matching Process:

  • Each layer of the Super Hi-Vision EX3+™ coating process is specifically engineered to work with the other layers, by matching the adhesive properties and producing a more durable final product
  • Matching the layers to the substrate ensures elasticity of the substrate so that they expand and contract harmoniously, allowing HOYA lenses to be less affected by extreme temperature variations
  • Reflex colour is green

Patient Benefits

  • Superior scratch resistance (a top desired feature patients want from their glasses)
  • UV protection and enhanced UV backside protection
  • Smudge resistant, eliminates glare and helps reduce eye fatigue
  • Increased visual clarity with minimal reflections
  • Easy to clean


Our Challenge – Your Solution

Problem: Patient wants to protect themselves from the dangers of indoor blue light from high levels of screen time.

Solution: Recharge® provides the same scratch resistance, visual clarity and cleanability as EX3+™ while also providing protection against harmful indoor blue light.

Technology Features

  • Filters blue light by absorption and reflection
  • The blue reflex colour of Recharge® is how this treatment provides most of its effectiveness
  • Blue reflex colour shows you that the blue light is being reflected off the lens instead of passing through it

Patient Benefits

  • Provides blue light protection in the proper range
    (380nm – 460nm) emitted by most LED screens
  • Reduces the amount of blue light that reaches the eyes
  • Greater comfort for prolonged amounts of time in front of back lit displays
  • Includes the same scratch and smudge resistance benefits as EX3+™
  • Substrate Matching Technology

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