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3 Ways to Increase Versatility in Your Practice

Growing your practice means bringing quality care, quality products and enough options to cover a variety of tastes and needs. You have the opportunity as the optician to impress your customer. You can provide them with the care they need, the solutions to their problems and products to match their taste and style.


Building the right collection of lenses and frames is important because you never know what type of customer is going to come through your door.


Building Your Practice with Versatility

You know that each patient is different. Some of them are going to need more extensive care, and others are looking to get more optional features from their eyeglasses. Being able to offer your customers a wide array of products and features is a fantastic way to grow your practice.


By being the eye care provider that always has the solution, you can build loyalty and word of mouth as your patients begin recommending you to others. Here are three tips to make sure you are a versatile practice:


1. Be ready with products for functional trends

Patients are more educated, do more research, and ask better questions than ever before. Many understand the impact of UV, and more are asking about blue light. Parents are becoming aware of the importance of proper eyewear for their children as well.


2. Keep up with innovations to existing products

Features and products are often improved or reworked to perform better and solve a customer’s need more effectively. Stay on top of these changes as lens features, like light reactive lenses, are improving.


3. Stay up with fashion trends

It’s important to offer the styles your customers are looking for, and this can vary from region to region. Your vendors are a great resource and they will support you in keeping up with trends. Be sure to listen to your sales reps, they are in-the-know and will keep your offerings up-to-date.


Imagine if you had one versatile product that helped you implement all three tips in one shot? The Sensity family of light reactive lenses from Hoya is that product! Sensity, Sensity Dark and Sensity Shine.


Photochromic lens sales have been stagnant at around 16% in the U.S. market for the past few years. Why? In general, the technology hasn’t changed, and, neither has the message! The Sensity family changes the game on all fronts.


Sensity light reactive lenses are an excellent solution for those patients who are looking for UV and blue light protection indoors and outdoors. They are also ideal for kids as 80% of the damage done to our eyes from UV and blue light occurs before the age of 18. Sensity is a one pair solution for parents.


Sensity Dark incorporates all the latest technology. These lenses get dark behind the windshield of the car, darken quickly and fade back to a near clear state indoors. Sensity Dark reacts to a broader spectrum of light than older technology photochromic lenses.


Sensity Shine is a fashion-forward product that appeals to millennials and your younger patient base. The colors and mirror finish are a conversation starter. Everyone who sees them asks, “Where did you get those glasses?” The answer will be your practice!


Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about how we can help you increase the versatility of your lens offerings.