Bending Light to Innovate

We bend light. That’s our aim at Hoya, whether you work with us in eye care, health care, electronics, or imaging. It’s at the core of how we build our business and our engineers are experts at finding new and innovative ways to solve problems while bending light.


From Mr. Suzuki to each of our teams, light is what we are passionate about. If you ever have a chance to sit and talk to an engineer who works to develop new lens technology, you’ll find out how much goes into research and development, and what the term “nerd” is supposed to mean (a compliment).


We bring this passion to your eye care practices, with a focus on always creating the best technology for each of your patients.


Technology We Are Proud Of

We view creating lenses as building an entire vision experience. That vision experience is made up of three things:


  • Design — What the prescription becomes.

  • Material — The hunk of plastic the technology is edged into.

  • Treatment — Such as scratch resistance and AR coatings.


All three work together as different functions to bend light. If one of them falters, your patient experience is damaged, as is your brand as a professional expert. The vision experience is the endgame. The dedication to the craft and focusing on every aspect of bending light ensures that each new piece of technology meets our highest standards.


For materials, we are looking to put our own magic spin on traditional types like trivex. For example, our Phoenix lenses focus on clear vision, higher impact resistance, and low weight. For our treatments, we look to create the industry standards. Our Super HiVision EX3 has been the most scratch-resistant treatment on the market for almost a decade.


“The creation of completely new technologies from the ground up, their augmentation with the addition of new technologies, and the further development of existing technologies — Hoya’s history is a story of continuous technological innovation.” – Hiroshi Suzuki


Our continuous technological innovation has lead to breakthroughs like our patented binocular harmonization technology (BHT). This new process corrects for the strain caused by presbyopes using progressive lenses with different prescriptions in each eye.


An Eye to the Future and Patient Needs

We focus on what your patients want, with light and scratch resistance at the top of the list. For us, creating the best vision experience is answering the needs of your patients and enabling you to be the best eye care professional you can be.


We look to future trends in the marketplace, what you need to be successful, and what your patients need now and in the future. We want to provide personalization and specialization. Today glasses are used differently, and offering specialized lenses can help better answer your patients’ needs. Computer glasses are of growing importance given a majority of people are using digital devices for more than 8 hours a day. A computer pair might be a primary pair, while an outdoor one might be a better fit for weekend hobbies, making two pairs the best solution for this patient.


We believe in this shift and even build it into our pricing with our Multi-Pair Program when ordering two or more pair of Rx lenses for the same patient within 30 days and receive 50% off the current price for one pair.


Learn More About Our Dedication to Technology

It’s one thing to read about dedication to technology, but purely another to see it in action. We truly stand behind our products being the best in the market, and you can learn more about the different materials, designs, and treatments we offer in our technology reference guide.